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Saturday Outreach Opportunity

by ubc-atl

It is a privilege to host the Brookhaven Farmer’s Market in our parking lot each Saturday morning from 9:00 am to Noon. This gives us an open opportunity to meet people from our community and share with them the ministries of UBC as well as to give out the Gospel. We have a tent right […]

Spring Revival Has Begun

by ubc-atl

What a blessing to see God work in our church yesterday morning and evening.  God greatly spoke to our hearts and the response was an alter full of God’s people pouring out their hearts to the Lord to do “great and mighty things” for His glory. Dr. Darrell Hayes was on target with the Word […]

Back To School Sunday with Bro. Abb Thomas

by ubc-atl

Yesterday was outstanding as we were blessed to have thirty school aged boys and girls with us for our “Back To School” Sunday.  I believe we had every school grade represented and it was a privilege to give them school supplies for this school year. Thank you Mrs. Jennifer Stewart for helping us get all […]

Teacher Training I with Bro. Abb Thomas

by ubc-atl

  We are excited to host Bro. Abb Thomas and his son, Paul tomorrow for Teacher Training I. As a pastor who has been involved for years in teaching children to adults I always gain new insights and am reminded of so much I have forgotten in the transferring of knowledge to others.  In this […]

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