I am proud to introduce you to my dear friend and fellow-laborer for Christ, Evangelist Byron Foxx. God has used him to found Bible Truth Music for Independent Baptist Churches like ours and many of the songs we sing come from this ministry. Bro. Foxx also has a great burden for revival in America and in light of recent events it ought to be a heart shared sentiment that God’s people must have revival. God has led Bro. Foxx and others to begin having “God Bless America Crusades” across the nation and out of that this new magazine, “God Bless America” has been born.

I’m asking for each of you that read this to share this invitation to an online digital version of the magazine through your social media accounts. Below is a link to help you accomplish this very easily. May God stir our hearts for revival in our churches and individual lives so that we may in turn take up the mantle to spread the Gospel to a lost world that needs the Savior, Jesus Christ.