Spring Revival 2015What a blessing to see God work in our church yesterday morning and evening.  God greatly spoke to our hearts and the response was an alter full of God’s people pouring out their hearts to the Lord to do “great and mighty things” for His glory.

Dr. Darrell Hayes was on target with the Word of God soundly preached to the uplifting of the Lord.  Once again we were reminded of not what we could do but what God could do if we would trust and call upon Him.

The greatest work of God yesterday was the work of Salvation in the heart of seven year old, David. David had come forward a couple of weeks ago but did not fully understand about Salvation.  We prayed and asked God to open his understanding and yesterday there was that light of understanding in his eyes that he knew that he needed and wanted to be saved. What a joy to know that God still wants to save those who will call upon Him for Salvation.

We are praying for and looking to what God will do tonight and each night throughout this week.  It would be a blessing to have you come and join with us praying for God to send us His revival.